“Tropical Marine Centre Lego ReefScape will become a limited edition set”

The Tropical Marine Centre booth at InterZoo is always one of the nicest and well rounded at the mega event but a special touch this year also made it easily one of the funnest. TMC commissioned the sanctioned Lego builder-designer Bright Bricks to develop some original marine fishes made from the iconic Lego play-bricks to create a reef scene which is truly one of a kind.

The singular TMC Lego ReefScape turned out amazingly nice with a wide range of totally recognizable reef animals being well represented including the catchy clown trigger, the brilliant regal, clarion and emperor angelfishes, damselfish, clownfish, lionfish and several others. The best part of this incredible Lego creation is that the best species will eventually become available from TMC as a limited edition Lego set of which only 500 units will be released.

We don’t know when the limited edition TMC Lego sets will be available but we can be certain that they will all be snapped up come the holidays for reefers parents eager to learn their children in the ways of marine aquatics from the earliest age. We’ve got our sights on the clown triggerfish but which one would you want to get the most?

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