“Lego Reefscapes from Tropical Marine Centre will be available this month”

One of the funnest “new products” of InterZoo earlier this year was easily the Lego ReefScape series commissioned by Tropical Marine Centre. While you could theoretically put the fish and critters of the Lego ReefScapes in your home aquarium, these novelty toys are really intended to stimulate your creative and constructive nature outside the glass box.

Tropical Marine Centre has made live a website detailing all of the available fishy models that will be released in limited quantities this winter, and which will only be sold through bonafide brick and mortar aquarium stores. Although these reef themed Lego ReefScapes sets will be limited, there’s nothing to prevent the intrepid Lego builder from assembling the fish and invertebrates from designs themselves; 360 degree views of each model as well as complete parts lists are already available for each species.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe haven’t had any Legos of our own for over twenty years, so we’ll opt for one the fully completed kits to assemble. Some of the highlight fish of the ReefScapes set include small and large emperor angelfish, a wickedly ornate volitan lionfish, the regal blue tang and a couple versions of the clown triggerfish.

The level of detail and accuracy of the innovative Lego ReefScape set was a very fun sight to see in person and we are so thrilled that these will be made more widely available to the aquarium and general public. We’re not that fanatical but we’re pretty sure someone out there is going to recreate the entire Lego ReefScapes set in their home, probably amounting to more time than it takes to build a real reef aquarium.

Tropical Marine Centre’s special Lego ReefScapes already offers up a huge range of animals to build a complete reef but it is our sincerest hope that the series inspires other lego builders to recreate more species. We’ll be happy to fiddle with a stock set of the large clown triggerfish but it’ll be really on if someone shares models of peppermint angelfish, picasso triggerfish or a Plectranthias pelicieri.

The Tropical Marine Centre Reefscape sets retail for between £39.99 and £109.99 and will start shipping to authorized dealers this month. [Lego Reefscape]


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